LMCT 9821

steveSteve at Steve Finn Car Sales provides a great selection of used cars suitable for all members of the family, from mum and dad to young adults just starting out on their driving experience.

What sets Steve Finn Car Sales apart from other used car dealers? He provides you with your CAR - credibility, affordability and reliability with a promise that "if I dont have it, I will get it for you ..." Steve says "I like to ensure that the person who buys one of our cars finds the "best fit" for them, a car they can rely on and that the buyer comes back as a return customer when ready for next trade in and upgrade".

A highly skilled and qualified mechanic with over 35 years experience in the car industry, Steve Finn Car Sales is a family business, built on reputation, reliability and personal touch.

Approachable, hands on knowledge and sold on service - Steve Finn Car Sales Colac.